Student Support

Student Support

The following support is provided for students enrolled in our program. Through the establishment of this financial support, outstanding students are fully equipped with an environment that allows them to devote themselves to academic research.

Financial subsidy

As a support to allow students to devote themselves to study and research, grants are provided to outstanding students enrolled in the program are provided with a financial subsidy.
Monthly amount is determined in accordance with an evaluation. The amount provided is 160,000, 180,000, or 200,000 yen.
* The grants are subject to tax as income.
* This financial support is planned to last until March 2019.

Grant Recipients (As of October 2018) (PDF)

Other financial support

【Research and other related travel expense support】

Support for travel expense in order to participate in fieldwork, summer camps, academic presentations, etc.

【Funds for presenting research findings, etc. 】

Expenses (conference participation fees, conference travel expenses, thesis submission fees, etc.) associated with presenting research findings for students enrolled in this program are provided upon consultation.

Travel experiences to date

Summer camp: Mongolia, Germany
Field work: Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Canada, Sweden, Botswana
Academic presentations etc.: Indonesia, Thailand, China, Turkey, Serbia, USA, Chile, etc.