Program Outline

Our country relies on imports for the majority of its natural resources. Meanwhile the competition for these resources is becoming increasingly intense and the professionals working on their development are required to not only have knowledge and expertise, but also a variety of abilities such as a practical and global outlook. Recently, in addition to fluctuating resource prices, various issues stand out, including deteriorating ore grade and production environments, complicated international politics, and the rise of resource nationalism. It is necessary to cultivate the next generation of technical professionals, in other words, the “Leaders of the New Resource Frontiers”; those who will be able to look at these problems and see the broader picture. The Special Education Course “New Frontier Leaders on Resources” has been established at the Akita University Graduate School of International Resource Sciences to focus on resource expertise and hands-on education.

Fundamental structure of the program

We established the Graduate Special Education Course “New Frontier Leaders on Resources” within the Graduate School of International Resource Sciences in order to create new leaders who have the capability to unlock the future of the resource industry in the 21st century.
In the Special Education Course, students take advantage of Akita University’s legacy of mining and resource science, which spans more than 100 years, through two established specialized courses: Earth Resource Science and Resource Development and Processing. Students not only learn about conventional resource science, but also about recycling (e.g., metropolitan mine development), resource economics, and other elements of development and management of natural resources. In addition to environmental conservation and resource literacy, students also gain knowledge on and an aptitude for intercultural understanding and international relations.


About the Graduate Special Education Course “New Frontier Leaders on Resources”

The Graduate Special Education Course “New Frontier Leaders on Resources” is a five-year doctorate course at the Graduate School of International Resources Sciences of Akita University. This program comprises the Earth Resource Science Course and the Resource Development and Processing Course.

Earth Resource Science Course

Students will develop a sense of resource science based on earth science and technology by studying the nature and structure of natural resources, the mechanisms of metal concentration, including, among others, minor metals and rare-earth elements, the geology and sedimentology of energy resources, such as oil and methane hydrate, and the latest exploration technologies for exploration of undercover mineral resources.

Resource Development and Processing Course

This course focuses on learning knowledge and practical skills, on the development and recycling of resources, such as production of minor- and rare-metals, resource development technology, mining engineering, ore dressing, metal refining, and the latest recycling technology and environmental engineering, project management, economic evaluation of resource development, and market analysis.