Structure of the Curriculum

This five-year program is divided into two periods. The first two-year period focuses on course work and lab-rotation, which are mandatory subjects. Students are required to take a qualifying examination in order to progress to the second period.
The second three-year period focuses on practices such as research, overseas fieldwork, PBL (Project Based Learning), etc. Lectures are given in English. After completing the five-year program, students take doctorate examinations in hope to be awarded doctorate degrees.



The First Period (two years)

  1. Course work; focused on expanding knowledge and expertise
    • We provide students with environmental study, local culture study, intercultural communication study and technology management training, as well as resource science study. This course leads students to be internationally active in the field.
  2. Laboratory Rotation; students gain basic knowledge and flexibility in research
    • Students attend seminars and conduct research in four different laboratories.
  3. Fieldwork in different locations.
    • On the Job Education (OJE) designed to develop abilities as a researcher and involving fieldwork both within and outside the country (geological surveys, mining operations, mineral processing plants, metal refinery, etc.).

Qualifying Examination

Students take three kinds of examination: a) a written text on compulsory subjects and resource science, b) an interview in English, and c) a research presentation on the chosen specialty and topic. This is needed in order to evaluate the individual abilities to advance to the second period.

The Second Period (three years)

  1. Research work to develop skills as a researcher.
  2. Overseas internship and overseas field experiences to acquire a high level practical ability.

Doctoral Examination

An interim report, and the first and second examinations are conducted in English. We have trainers from different universities and foreign researchers as examiners to keep the international level and the quality of the degree high.